Hide columns of xml to excel

I have an xml that I need to export to Excel, but I need the Excel file must not have certain columns that do appear in the xml.

My xml is:

lumn width=‘125’ align=‘undefined’ type=‘ro’ hidden=‘false’ sort=‘str’ color=’’>


I need the excel file does not contain the first 5 columns.

You can use grid.setSerializableColumns to define which columns will be included in excel export.
Something like next:


I also need the opposite effect, ie in excel more columns appear in the list. For example: My table has 5 columns visible and 2 hidden, and export to excel need to appear 7 columns.

please, open file gridExcelGenerator.php and replace line:

$columnArr['hidden'] = ($column->attributes()->hidden == 'true') ? true : false;

with the follow:

$columnArr['hidden'] = false;

Thanks, but, I use java,not PHP. Please, you can help me how do it?

Unfortunately there is no way to implement it for java (and php, my previous solution for php was wrong) in easy way.