Hide empty results

Is it possible to hide periods (range) where there are no tasks? for example, if there’s nothing in december I would get:

[…]Oct/2013, Nov/2013, Jan/2014, Feb/2014 […]


you can skip such intervals using ‘ignore_time’ functionality of gantt v.2.1.0

[code]gantt.ignore_time = function(date){
var monthStart = gantt.date.month_start(new Date(date));
var monthEnd = gantt.date.add(monthStart, 1, ‘month’);

if(!gantt.getTaskByTime(monthStart, monthEnd).length){
	return true;
return false;


Related docs:
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gantt … ytime.html

Latest build

thank you! it works just like I wanted :slight_smile: