Hide scales in second_scale (tree mode)

I have a custom scale in tree mode. I’m trying to filter out the first and second scales.

The top scale should show M-F and the second scale should only show 0 and 12 hours , but I can’t seem to filter the day scale to ignore weekends and I can’t only show the hours of 0 and 12.

Here is an example


How can i show only M-F and 0 and 12 hours only?


Please pay attention that the second scale has only 2 properties

To solve the issue, just update ignore function in the next way:

scheduler.ignore_dtimeline = function (date) {
            if ((date.getHours() > 0 && date.getHours() < 12) || (date.getHours() > 12 && date.getHours() < 24))
                return true;

You must return true for dates\hours that you want to hide. You do the opposite.

Thanks! I thought there were more properties.