Hide section by ID in TIMELINE with TREE MODE


I need your help please…

In DHTMLXLayout I’ve made a DHTMLXTimeline in tree mode.

I try to hide/show section by checking or not Items in an other tree in the same layout.
I hope it’s clear.

To load my timline I use dhxlayout.cells(“”).attachURL(“”) method.

I haven’t find any way to do this.

Thank you for your help!

if you define timeline sections with scheduler.serverList, you could update them whenever it’s needed:

[code]var sections = […];

//wrap sections into the ‘serverList’ instead of passing them directly to the timeline
scheduler.serverList(‘timelineList’, sections);


[/code]when item is checked/unchecked in the tree, timeline sections can be filtered and updated the following wayvar newSections = ...get array of checked sections; scheduler.updateCollection('timelineList', newSections);