hide-show: 2011 August release. vs 2011 May 27 release.

I have a question about _show method. Debugging the code I found differences between these two versions.
For example:

dhx.ready(function(){ dhx.ui.fullScreen();
            template:"<div onclick='SH()' style='color:blue'>ROW_1</div>",

            template:"<div onclick='inner()''>ROW_2 saddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd</div>",

            template:"<div id='inner'></div>",



If i use 2011 August release, when i do click on row_2, row_3 has the “inner” text and row_2 disappears. However, if i do click on row_1, row_2 appears (well) but the “inner” text too (bad for me :smiley: ).
This does not happen in the old version.
I have seen that the problem is not to use the method this._resize_childs();
It is possible that doing something wrong but if I include this method, the “inner” text does’nt dissapears now.

Any idea?

And it’s funny :smiley: , but if you use firebug to debug the new version, sometimes happens the same, the divs dissapears. Not with the old version.


We have not reproduced the problem locally - “inner” doesn’t appear if you clear “row_1”. Please have a look at the attached sample
sample.zip (122 KB)

When I said
“…if i do click on row_1, row_2 appears (well) but the “inner” text too (bad for me )…”
I wanted to say
“…if I do click on row_1, row_2 appears(well) but NOT the “inner” text (bad for me)…”

I want something similar to display in html. In old version (27 May 2011) works nice.
Why if I show row_2, row_3 (inner) returns to empty state (the initial state)?
It’s strange :smiley:

Regression confirmed and fixed. Updated codebase is attached.
codebase_touch_29082011.zip (179 KB)

Ok. Thanks. It works fine.