Hide tabs in the xml specification of a tabbar


Is it possible to hide a tab using XML

Is there a way to hide a specific tab in XML?

i saw this entry about disabled

>>There is no predefined attribute for such task, but you can add new one if necessary, just locate in dhtmlxtabbar.js next line


>>if (atabs[j].getAttribute(“selected”)) selected=id;


>>and add after it


>>if (atabs[j].getAttribute(“disabled”)) that.disableTab(id);


but if i change this to

if (atabs[j].getAttribute(“hide”)) that.hideTab(id);

i get a message that tells me the XML is invalid? (also invalid for the above example)

Please, be sure that you set hide attribute correctly.
I tested the xml with  following tab tag  and tab was hidden ( in case of code changes mentioned above )

If problem still occurs for you - please send an example of problematic XML