hideTab mode not working

According to the documentation I can set a second parameter to this function with ‘true’ or ‘false’.
If ‘false’, this will prevent the tabbar to switch to the next visible tabbar-item. This isn’t working.

This isn’t weird, because this is the code in dhtmlxtabbar.js:

hideTab:function(id){var tab=this._tabs[id];tab.style.display="none";if (tab == this._lastActive)this.goToNextTab();this._setTabSizes(tab.parentNode)}

What should I do?

Using the Prof. version 2.5 with IE 7/8, FF 2/3

I solved the problem for me. I changed the javascript, but it is not ok that this isn’t working in the first place. Or is the documentation out of date?

Rewritten the function:

	var tab=this._tabs[id];
	if (tab == this._lastActive)
		if (mode != false)


the second parameter was missed by mistake. We will add it in the next version.

Ok, great :slight_smile: