hiding a button in an activeContent

please help… i have a button as an activeContent in a template:

{common.btn_1()} ... activeContent:{ btn_1:{ id:"callnow", view:"button", label:"Call Now", click:"do_callnow" }...

and i wanted to hide it, so on do_callnow I have:


I also tried:


and putting an id on the row and hide like:

document.getElementById(‘hiderow’).style.display = ‘none’;

, with no success.

Thank you.

Do you need to hide|show such items dynamically, or just to render few item in the list without them ?

i wanted to hide the button (together with an textarea control also) after clicking to avoid multiple click. no need to ‘show’ them again after. thank you

Check the attached sample, it uses the next way

  • during click, set flag and repaint list item
  • define custom helper which will render button or empty content based on flag value
    11_active.zip (966 Bytes)

yes, so perfect! thank you so much!