Hiding an item in the lightbox if it's a new event

In my lightbox I need the ability to re-assign a task to another staff member.

I’ve created a reassign user button and have mapped this to change the userId when the event is saved - but when a NEW EVENT is created the reassigned dropdown appears - which I don’t want to happen.

Is it possible to show a dropdown in the lightbox ONLY when the event is being edited (or already exists) and not when it is first generated?

Thanks in advance…

you can hide sections dynamically via JS api, here is a related method docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … ction.html
Code may look like following[code]scheduler.attachEvent(“onLightbox”, function(){

var isNewEvent = !!(scheduler.getState().new_event);
var input = scheduler.formSection(“description”).node.parentNode;// replace “description” with the name of the control

input.style.display = isNewEvent ? “none” : “”;



Hi - Aliaksandr that hides it but the values are still being applied?

Any ideas how I can exclude the values from being set?

you can modify lightbox sections config dynamically, so it’s possible to have a different set of controls based on certain conditions.
Please check this example: