Hiding Checkbox List

I tried the dhxForm.hideItem(‘checkbox_name’) to minimize the entire checkbox list.
Instead it hides the label, but the list items are still visible.

How can we hide/minimze a list label and it’s list items?


Please try attached dhtmlxform.js
dhtmlxform.js.zip (13.7 KB)

Excellent! :smiley:

It recursively hides all child elements under a radio object.


Is this possible to do in DHTMLX 3.0?

I’d like the ability to hide anything in the list underneath a checkbox, so that it will only show up if the checkbox is selected.

Thank you!

There are hideItem(name)/showItem(name) methods. You may use them to hide necessary items.

You handler checkbox state you may set onChange event handler:

/your code here/

I was able to achieve this effect in the latest DHTMLX 3.0 by modifying dhtmlxform.js on line 332:

} else if (this.itemPull[a]._type == "ch") { f = this.itemPull[a]._checked; this.itemPull[a]._listObj[q][f?"show":"hide"](this.itemPull[a]._listBase[q]); }

That will now hide/show checkbox fields, just like select boxes.