Hiding columns in multiheader grid

I’m trying to hide and show columns in a multiheader grid. This is the definition:

mygrid.setHeader("LOCK COLUMN,COLUMN A,#cspan,#cspan,COLUM B,#cspan,COLUMN C,#cspan");
mygrid.attachHeader("#rspan,Cell A-1,#cspan,CELL A-2,CELL B-1,CELL B-2,CELL C-1,CELL C-2");
mygrid.attachHeader("#rspan,Cell A-1-1,Cell A-1-2,Cell A-1-3,Cell B-1-1,#rspan,Cell C-1-1, Cell-2-2");


mygrid.splitAt(1); // lock first column

I tried


but it hides “COLUMN A” cell only, and the header is now corrupted. Some cells in “COLUMN B” move to “COLUMN A”.

Is there a way to hide columns in the low level (Cell A-1-1, Cell A-1-2, Cell A-1-3, B-1-1, C-1-1 or C-1-2), and higher levels auto-calculate new rowspans and colspans?

Thanks you!
I am using DHX pro edition version 3

unfortunately the colspans are not compatible with column hiding

did this bug fixed

Unfortunately this bug is not fixed.
It also unlikely will be fixed in the near future as the rebuilding of all grid’s architecture is required.