Hiding dhtmlx.alert()


I saw in this thread (viewtopic.php?f=9&t=32825) that it should be possible to hide an alert box however whenever I run dhtmlx.hide(alertwin) dhtmlx.hide() is undefined. What module is dhtmlx.hide() defined in? I can’t find it in dhtmlxmessage. (Note: dhtmlx.alert() works correctly) Code:

var alertwin = dhtmlx.alert({id:"waitwin", text:"Please Wait"});

Second follow up question:
Is it possible to remove the okay button from the alert window? I saw button customizing on this page (docs.dhtmlx.com/touch/doku.php?i … irm_window) but I think it’s out of date.


If you are using latest build, you can use


to hide alert and confirm boxes.

Hi Stanislav,

Thanks! That got rid of the alert box!

Any idea if it’s possible to disable the ‘Okay’ button of an alert box?

Thanks again.

You can’t remove the button from the alert, but you can use the dhtmlx.modalbox instead of dhtmlx.alert.


The modalbox is abstract message box, and you can configure which buttons must be shown for it.

Why does…


cause the F5 key to not function?

When a dhtmlx.confirm() is shown the F5 key does not work (that’s fine), if you select one of the confirm buttons the confirm box goes away and then F5 goes back to working. But if you programmatically hide the confirm box using the code above the F5 key does not go back to working. Can this be fixed please?


Issue confirmed and fixed.
Fix will be included in the next build. If you need it asap - please add the updated js file on the page
dhtmlxmessage-fixed.zip (2.17 KB)