Hiding Menu


Thanks to my previous query related to hiding the menu in firefox issue.

In the same sample html page, if you notice aMenuBar.topNod checks only for the topNod. If the mouse is over the submenus for instance, the top menu gets hidden. This should not be the case, the mouseout/mouseleave event should be for the entire aMenuBar including submenus, and not the topNod alone.

Let me know how to fix this issue.

    Building Menu with script









Each panel of menu is separate object, they doesn’t share common parent so it is not possible to attach events to all panels at once.
You can modify source code of dhtmlxmenu.js and add the same events code directly to constructor of panel so it will be applied to any panel of menu.
dhtmlxmenu.js , line 152
function dhtmlXMenuBarPanelObject(…){

//this.topNod - point to html element
//any custom event code can be placed here

Hi I tried what you said, but seems not to work. Can you please send the working code for the same sample. I mean the code that should be put in the dhtmlmenubar.js file.