high light the word in the form

I set up a form for input value.

Normal, the word is display in the input content.

Now, I want to auto high light the word when I move the curser in this input field.

Pls see the attach screen and .

inp = myForm1.getInput("input2"); inp.onfocus=function(){ inp.select(); };


I can get the result.

But it only do in one field in a form.

I want to ask it can work on the whole form ?

I need to specify: if you set focus to ANY item - you need to select the WHOLE form? (All the input-based items?)


The target is for the whole form !

In my project, I need to deal with many forms.

Begin with pictures by replacement files.


I can get the result.

I also know combo field which cannot use your code having error.

Therefore I know the code cannot do for the whole form and need do for each field.

Do I correct ?

Thanks !

Yes, you should set it manually.