Highlight current date in timeline view

In day, week and month view the display of the current date is different to the other days.
Is it possible to highlight the current date in timeline view to make the display different to other days?


Try using following template:

scheduler.templates.timeline_cell_class = function(evs, date, section){ // evs - list of events which will be displayed in this cell // date - date for which cell is displayed // section - object with section's properties(e.g. section.key, section.label) return ""; // css class which will be assigned }
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Ok, so when I use for example

    var currentTime = new Date();
    currentTime.setHours(0, 0, 0, 0);
    scheduler.templates.timeline_cell_class = function(ev, date, section) {
      if (date.toString() == currentTime.toString()) 
        return "yellow";

the name of the css class is “yellow.css”?
What should be the contents of “yellow.css”?