Highlight time column in timeline bar view

I need to Highlight time column in timeline bar mode view as I am creating new event with mouse drag similar to MS Outlook. I have attached a screen shot. Any help would be highly appreciated.

you can highlight calendar area using marked timespans api, similarly to how it’s done in this demo:
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/sample … reate.html

Here are related docs:

and updated sample:

Thanks a lot for the example. I am evaluation 4.3.1 version and some how this is not working . Also If I set fit_events : false then also this highlighting not working. Please suggest any workaround as I have to use fit_events : false property. Please find screen shot.

seems like there is a bug with scheduler.markTimespan method in v4.3.1.
Please open a ticket in our support system, we’ll send you the latest build where the issue is fixed