Highlighted dates in Calendar

By default, the calendar that comes with scheduler will highlight dates that have events on them. I would like to set up the calendar such that if a date only has an all-day event on it, the calendar would not highlight that date. Is there any way to do this?

Hello @aleks

Yes, please use month_date_class template for it. Minicalendar - is a mini Month view.
The specified CSS class will be applied to a day cell.

I created a snippet that helps you understand how the template might help. And the screenshot.

To check if the target date only has an all-day event on it, please use getEvents() method and specify the required time period in parameters.

If the date has an all-day event and you don’t want to highlight this date - return a custom class (testClass on the screenshot), and redefine the CSS rule for the background-color property:

.dhx_calendar_click .testClass{background-color: white}


Wonderful, thank you @Polina

Thank you for the positive feedback @aleks