Hire someone to help me implement

I already have an ajax event calendar app written in VB.net and it stinks, but I love the functionality. The functionality that dhtmlxscheduler is exactly what I need with a custom form to collect additional information about the appointment. So when you add an event (appointment in my case) to the calendar you are presented with a custom modal window asking for additional information about the event. This info is stored in a MS SQL database.

When you click on the event the modal is filled with the events info from the SQL database as well so you can edit and update.

Attached is a screen shot of the custom modal I need.

I’d like to hire someone to help.

admin @ addmembers dot com

You can drop an email to sales@dhtmlx.com with tasks details, we are provide custom development service.

Is what I am asking possible with dhtmlxScheduler?

Yep, you can define your own custom form for adding|editing operations


And architecture of scheduler automatically includes all custom fields in saving|loading routines.
Connectors.Net has built in support for loading|saving and can be used with any .Net language ( there are only C# samples )

are their example code available for saving and mapping the custom fields in .net? I can not see the examples of custom fields.

The sample which is included in connector’s package already uses custom fields


return new dhtmlxSchedulerConnector( "Events" , "EventID" , dhtmlxDatabaseAdapterType.SqlServer2005 , ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["SamplesDatabase"].ConnectionString , "FromDate" , "ToDate" , "Subject as text, Details as details, Tags" );

All that goes after “Subject as text” are custom fields.
You can specify any number of custom fields there , they will be available on the client side. And if new value will be sent to server - it will be saved to the related field automatically.