Horizontal Scroll bar on DHTMLX Scheduler


We have a scheduler instance that is configured to have a timeline tree view. We would like to have a horizontal scroll bar that allows us to scroll through all the columns and keep the columns a fixed width. Has anyone done this?

We have tried:

  1. Setting “scrollable” to true in the timeline view config
  2. Setting “column_width” to a number representing our desired width (this seemed to do nothing)
  3. Setting “container_autoresize” to false


I’m not getting what exactly you need.
If you need a tree view you need to add dhtmlxscheduler_treetimeline.js after the dhtmlxscheduler.js and then set scheduler.createTimelineView({ render:tree });.

The scrollable option will let you scroll right and left from the initial render, or in other words, it will not shrink the size of the columns to fit the time scale into the viewport width. So the column_width option will set the minimal width of timeline date columns, 100 by default. This off course also depends on
x_step: xx, //X-Axis step in 'x_unit’s
x_size: xx, // X-Axis length specified as the total number of 'x_step’s
x_start:xx, // X-Axis offset in 'x_unit’s
x_length:xx, // number of 'x_step’s that will be scrolled at a time

We can help you best if you share a little bit of your code. This way we can understand better and help each other :slight_smile:




Horizontal scroll feature works correctly in the timeline tree view, check the snippet.
Please pay attention that this feature was added in version 5.1, in case if you use an older one.

If the issue still exists - update the code of the snippet, click on Share button and send me the new link to help me reproduce.


Thank you for help. If you have a similar issue, please use info in this reply above.


Thanks for the help! Our issue was we were on 5.0 and needed to update. Thank you.