Horizontal scroll barr in tabber?


I have dhtmlxDataView object placed inside of the TAB. The size of the Dataview Object exceeds the size of the TAB window so output exceeds the window and becomes invisible. How to enable horizontal scroll bar in the TAB so all data can be seen?


The right way is using method ‘attachDataView()’
If you try to use some other approach - please, attach complete demo.
DataView hasn’t a horizontal scroll. In order to avoid of content exiting from the container framework you should count the size of the DataView items relative to the width of the container

Hello ,

Thanks for the feedback.
I’m using exactly this method for output of the data to the tab window.
(here is another question which may be directly related to this one)
on which unfortunately I can not get an answer.

Here is the example:


One #one#
Two #two#
Three #three#
Four #four#

tabbar_1 = c.attachTabbar();
tab_1 = tabbar_1.cells(‘tab_1’);

dataview = tab_1.attachDataView({
type: {
template: “html->device_info_template”,
width: 1500,
height: 600

          drag: false,
          select: false


The issue is that if I define fixed width and height they don’t resize if I change size of the Tab. On the other hand if I set the static value that exceeds the screen/tab size I don have horizontal scroll bar available :frowning:

Please let me know what I’m missing here.

Thanks in advance

Can I get help here please!!!
Why I don’t get horizontal scroll bar when Dataview object exceeds size of the parent window (Tabbar or dhtmlxWindow)?

Thanks in advance

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