Horizontal Scroll won't move up unless done really slow

I’m using DHTMLXLayout to create a “2E” layout.
Whenever I attach a URL to a cell, I can see both cells, however, when I try to use the horizontal scroll to resize, I can only move it down easily, when I try to move it up, it doesn’t move unless I very slowly move it up (and even that is flaky).
I’d really like to be able to have it functioning properly. Is there maybe something I’m doing wrong?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

I’m using dhtmlxSuite 2009 Rel.2 (DHTMLX 2.5)

Below is my code:


		var dhxLayout;
		var layout1;
		function doOnLoad() {				
	    dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject("page", "2E");
	    // Attach a URL
        dhxLayout.setEffect("highlight", false);
        dhxLayout.setEffect("resize", false);

I’ve found the problem. Whenever I use the following code, I get the result I stated above. However, if I take out the following code, it works as its suppose to.

dhxLayout.setEffect("highlight", false);

Anyone have any idea why this would happen?


Have you tried to use 2.6 (the latest) version of layout? We have tested the issue in 2.6. It was not recreated there

It occurs in the 2.6 version as well. I also have this same issue when I have a PDF object in one of the cells, except I can’t resize it towards the PDF when the highlight is both on or off.

We have managed to reproduce the problem. To solve it you need to comment the following line:

//dhxLayout.setEffect(“highlight”, false);

If you do not want to highlight a cell while resizing, you may use the following:

<style> table.dhtmlxLayoutPolyContainer_dhx_skyblue div.dhxcont_content_blocker { filter: alpha(opacity=0); -moz-opacity: 0; opacity: 0; background: #FFFFFF; } </style>

Thanks, that worked for not having the highlighting anymore, but I’m still having issues when I’m displaying a PDF in a iFrame as one of the content areas (dhxLayout.cells(“a”) contains a page which has a iFrame with a PDF).

It appears the horizontal scroll is not overlapping the PDF when resizing. I tried to add the following, but still sames issues (I’m using IE 7).

td.dhtmlxLayoutPolySplitterHor { z-index: 999; }

Any suggestions on how I can get the horizontal scroll bar to be above the PDF when resizing?

Otherwise, I can’t resize towards the PDF file.


unfortunately, there is no way to resolve the problem. It is impossible to manage events that are occured on ActiveX (pdf).

Anybody found solution for fix this issue?