Horizontal scrollbar hides the last row in the gird

The horizontal scroll bar hides the last row in the grid. If there is only one row in the grid, the grid appears as if it’s empty. I am calling enableAutoHeight(true, 250) on the grid. Anyone seen this or know what the issue might be? Thanks

Such situation can occur if you are using auto-height and flexible columns (width = * ) in same time.
In most cases, situaition can be resolved by calling
after data rendering|loading.

Thanks for the quick reply. You are correct, I am using one flexible column width. However, your suggested fix of .setSizes(); did not have any impact, problem still exists. I called it right after loadXMLString which I am passing an XML formatted string for my data.

Please sent any kind of sample, where issue can be reconstructed to support@dhtmlx.com
Also , please provide info in which browser issue occurs for you