horizontal stacked charts? yAxis label overlaps, how to mov


using a stackedBarH horizontal stacked chart. almost working.

but the yAxis labels are glued to the left side of the chart and overlap, what is the variable to set the position of that labels text?

| label[1________________
| alabel[2________________

if its label1 and alabel2, the last 2 chars in the label overlap with the chart.

[code] width:40,

                    alpha: 0.7,
                    xAxis: {
                        start: 0,
                        step: 20,
                        end: 100

yAxis: {
template: function (obj) {
return “” + obj.rname + " " + “”;


valign left is something tried, no effect; the label on the yAxis is glued to the chart, if i add padding, like now its 190, there is a large gap on the left, maybe 20 spaces? and the text still overlaps. is there any command to position that text in the yAxis?


Chart labels have white-space: nowrap style. You can try the following to show text in two lines:


.dhx_axis_item_y { height: 24px; line-height: 12px; white-space: normal; } [/code]