hot to set grid column header background-color dynamically

I want to add a background-color to a column, when hover to this column,
currently I can implement this to column body, by column header seems difficult,
bellow code is my implement of column body

mygrid.attachEvent(“onMouseOver”, function(rowId, colIndex){

            		var rowNum = mygrid.getRowsNum();
                	var colNum = mygrid.getColumnsNum();
            		 for(var i=0; i<rowNum; i++){// clear background of all column body cell
        				 for(var j=0; j<colNum; j++){
        					 this.setCellTextStyle(i, j, 'background-color: white;');
        			 for(var i=0; i<rowNum; i++){// add background to a column
        				 this.setCellTextStyle(i, colIndex, 'background-color: #F0EBEB;');

Can someone help me, many thanks.

Unfortunately such feature is not available.