Hour scale on both sides of the scheduler ?

Hi !

Is there a built in functionnality to have the hour_sclae on both sides of the sceduler?

If not, any idea on how to do this ?

there is no build-in method yet, but you can use this trick before “scheduler.init()” call:

[code]var oldScale =scheduler._reset_scale;
var oldScrollWidth = scheduler.xy.scroll_width;
scheduler._reset_scale = function(){
if(this._mode != “month”){
scheduler.xy.scroll_width = scheduler.xy.scale_width + oldScrollWidth + 1;
scheduler.xy.scroll_width = oldScrollWidth;
oldScale.apply(scheduler, arguments);

var zone = scheduler._els["dhx_cal_data"][0];

var scale = zone.lastChild;
if(scale && scale.className.indexOf("dhx_scale_holder") == 0){
    var clone = scale.cloneNode(true);
    clone.className += " dhx_scale_right_scale";
    // adjust right scale position depending on scroll
    if(parseInt(zone.style.height) > parseInt(zone.firstChild.style.height)){
        clone.style.right = "17px";
        clone.style.right = "2px";


Wow that is stunning ! Thanks a lot !

Is it safe to use this for future updates? Or is this feature planned to be part of some feature?

Kind regards,

currently there is no plans on including this into a stable version, and the’re is a chance that the code will require some changes after the next major update.
However, this particular customization is not a major one, so I would expect that migrating or re-implementing it for the future versions of a component won’t be very difficult

Thanks for info!