Hours resolution


we’re currently thinking about buying your gantt component but we really need to be able to book tasks at an hour resolution, do you plan to put this on the next release ?

hi chollier,
we were having a similar problem, in fact we needed the hours to be scaled smaller (12px instead of 24px). Here our solution, maybe s/o else can profit from it…

// create chart

this.chart = new GanttChart();

// alter day-width

var dayInPixels = 12;
var hoursInDay = 8;

this.chart.dayInPixels = dayInPixels;
this.chart.hourInPixelsWork = dayInPixels / hoursInDay;
this.chart.hourInPixels = dayInPixels / 24;

additionally you’ll have to update the background image (bg_week.png) of the raster to fit your width.

hi ! I already saw this part of code in the source, but actually my main problem is that we can’t have a start date at a specific hour; these are Date and note Datetime (i guess) so that we can’t book for example a tasks on 5th april at 15pm.

Current version does not support time level detail. It will be in the 1.5 only.