How 2 implement MultiSelect(checkbox) in dropdown in DHTMLX?

HI ,

I need to implement a multiselect with checkbox in drop down in DHTMLX in .NET.


The default multiselect in the lightbox is not really fit for long lists. Is there a way of changing it to a proper multiselect dropdown with checkboxes option:

If I had 30 email addresses aligned vertically it would be too long and having them horizontally looks messy because of the lack of alignment.

Hi ,
I want to ask how i can add multiselect dropdown(with checkboxes) in Lightbox of scheduler.
Please suggest a way because dhtmlx does not provide any control like this.


unfortunately there is no ready solution.
Although, you can implement such control manually. Please check this article, it describes how to create a custom editor for the lightbox … ditor.html
or this article if you use ASP.NET edition of the component … r_lightbox

For an internal editor, you can try using dhtmlxCombo or any other third-party component

how to create a custom editor for multiselect dropdown(with checkbox) in lightbox. … ditor.html
i try this but i am not find the solution.

Hi ,

I need to implement a multiselect with checkbox in drop down with search filter in DHTMLX in .NET.

Hi @lipikaChakraborty,

There is no built-in dropdown with checkboxes, so you should implement your own or use some third party control.

After creating the custom dropdown, you will have to use its value for filtering, which implements by the filter methods.

The scheduler .net provides two ways of filtering: client-side and server-side, you can read about both of them and choose the most appropriate option for your case:

client-side filtering:
server-side filtering:

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Currently multiselect is used by clicking checkbox in lightbox. Do you have any example that implemented search for multiselect .

Hi @lipikaChakraborty,

Unfortunately, I don’t have any examples of multiselect filtering, but it should be similar that logic in the following demo:

The thing you should change - is to push all selected/unselected checkbox valuest into an array in the doOwnerFiltering function, and use them as filtering conditions, so the filterValue from the demo above, will contain the array of values.

Thanks for the reply, I implemented with help of bootstrap