How add data which include symbol < in cell grid


Hi! How i can include symbol < in cell grid, my dataset generate in backend and send to client. Now grid clip my data. Example:

010460373145307521h<?iraE3OkV,k this is my data, 010460373145307521h it is data grid. I’m trying use &lt;![CDATA[010460373145307521h<?iraE3OkV,k]]&gt

But this don’t work for me, i don’t see anything at all.

I found a solution to the language tools, but I wonder if there is another way?

Solution: use edtxt ot rotxt if u use ro & es type in the grid. Thank you semantik you save our time)


please, try to to use the “edtxt” column type instead of the “ed”, or “rotxt” instead of “ro”.