How are people testing apps written using DHTMLX?



I’m a RoR developer and I use the Model and Controller aspects of that stack extensively. However ALL my Views are based on DHTMLX components.

I have a good framework for writing and testing my Models and Controllers using RSpec and other libraries. However I have always struggled with knowing how to test my Views.

I would very much like comments from current DHX users about how they write tests for the applications that they write with DHTMLX components.

Thanks in advance.



As components are javascript based, the only way you can test views are functional tests within the controlled environment.
We are using the popular Mocha + Chai combination, for testing our own apps.

For more precise control, you can use Selenium based tests -



Many thanks for your response. I had briefly looked at Mocha before but had found it difficult to work with. However now that I know that you guys are using it yourselves, perhaps I will put in ‘MORE EFFORT’ at my end.