how can datastore used for different structured form


  1. two tabs, one is a grid, the other is a form.
  2. rows in the grid are options (radio or checkbox) used for selection in the form
  3. rows in the grid could be added, updated or deleted

I know how to show each row in the form using datastore, but how can I show all the rows in the form?

Currently, I unload and new the form, and attach events during the onSelect event of the tabbar.


Could you clarify your question, please?

Hi Darya,
let me give an example. I’m doing a survey.
The grid gives the options:

  1. I’m a man.
  2. I’m a woman.

The form will list two radioboxes requiring man or women checked.
however, there could be the third option in the grid: Secret.

For other problems, maybe there are more uncertain number of optoins. The problem is: How could all/partof these options(instead of one of these options) be listed in a form.

Could you provide us a screenshot with description the logic of this feature?

Thanks Darya.
The number of checkbox items could increase or decrease.

Unfortunately there is no standard solution for such use-case. You can use API of form and grid ( datastore ) to add or remove items into the form

OK, thanks.

Currently I create a form and attach events each time I want to refresh the form.