How can I add Event(Onclick) to dtmlxGrid?

Hi Thanks for give these forum bullitn that give me resolution of my wondering.

I try to to insert link at specific column. so I found link attribute . but this has to be controlled by JSON string. Such as like this. LinkTEXT^

In order to make this string I have to attach URL address at linkTEXT columns(Concating with ^)
This is not against by our development regulation.

In other hand. I found myGrid.attachEvent Method.
I want to Clicking secific cell casue user defined method called.

Can you let me know proper Event type to use attachEvent?
Also Can you let me know which js file has to be imported to implement these actions? (ex. dhtmls.js , dhtmlxgirld.js…)

Instead of url you may uset he function:

Also you may call any needed function from the onRowSelect event: … event.html