How can I add leaf node in sub branch


I made a 3 level tree using TreeMultitableConnector.

But I can’t add leaf node in the A Group

How can I add leaf node in the A Group Using TreeMultitableConnector On serverside

Thank you



The server side code supports full CRUD for cases where render_table is used, when you are using render_sql, code will try it best to execute the valid CRUD, but in most cases it will fail.

You can

a) duplicate render_sql with render_table command

if ($grid->is_select_mode())//code for loading data
    $grid->render_sql("Select * from tableA, tableB  where  tableA.id=tableB.id",
else //code for other operations - i.e. update/insert/delete

b) define your own data inserting logic per branch

docs.dhtmlx.com/connector__php__ … lexqueries