How can i add multiple calenders with different months

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Is any body know, how to add multiple calenders with different months on same page?

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What do you mean in ‘different month’? The determined dates?

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I mean. I want to show calender for current month i.e for February with some data, next to that calender for March and next to that calender for April month in a row on single page.

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I want to add calendars given in attachment.

It wiil be 3 separated calendars like here: … input.html
But in different containers, like here: … _init.html

Hi Digambar

Is there a way to draw a multicalendar and set rage date on it?
I mean the calendar that you put the photo is it dhtmlxCalendar?

Hi isaac.rajaei
It is not dhtmlxCalendar on the picture
dhtmlxCalendar skins and views are the next: … skins.html

Thank you for your response.
Well; not about the skin I wanted some mulicaleander. some thing like this
third example
I want to have 6 caleander which I can set date.
at the moment I am using Jquery DatePick which it has conflicte with DHTMLXcalendar

I want to set rage date between two diff dates

So, you can use 3 calendar items near each other (you can use 3 containers; set dates +/- to today and link 1th and 3th calendars to th 2th).
We don’t plan to add this functionality in the near future.

Thank you for your advise
but it is going to be 6 calender which is going to be very complicated.

For conflation :
As I said I am using Jquery Datepicker which it has conflat with DhtmlxCalendar.

What it does when I click two time on left or right it saddenly removes this class
“dhtmlxcalendar_cell dhtmlxcalendar_month_hdr ui-draggable dds_selected”
from ul li (On top of calendar);

How do I sort it -> by adding class

function hideConflict(){
$(".dhtmlxcalendar_line").children().first().addClass(‘dhtmlxcalendar_cell dhtmlxcalendar_month_hdr ui-draggable dds_selected’);

I donno if it is a good way to solve the matter but it works :slight_smile: :wink:

So, if it works fine now - everything is all right. If you face a mistake - just write here. :slight_smile:

Very good. Thank you for your help and quick response. :slight_smile:

You are welcome!