How can i add Multiple schedulers in .net MVC razor viewpage

Hello All,

    Great work by the DHTMLX team....!

     I have added scheduler to my view page in MVC 4 using razor. Its working fine.

Now i want to add multiple schedulers on same page, but not geeting any help how to add it.

If anyone knows, plz reply.

Thanks in advance,

You need a pro version to have few scheduler’s per page.

For .Net version of code, check

Thanks, multiple scheduler worked for MVC.

Now i want to restore current state of all the 4 schedulers after view page reloads or changes in one scheduler.
How can i do that. Tried a lot but unable to get it.


try enabling ‘Cookie’ extension: Scheduler.Extensions.Add(SchedulerExtensions.Extension.Cookie); to make scheduler save its state in cookies. And please replace your dhtmlxScheduler/ext/dhtmlxscheduler_cookie.js with the attached one. Previous version won’t work for multiple schedulers(packages on will be updated later today) (865 Bytes)