How can i add "name" html attribute to a select element inside lightbox?


Hi there.

For example, i want to create a new select inside lightbox in scheduler:

scheduler.locale.labels.section_periodo = "Periodo";
var periodo = [ {key: '1', label: 'Quotidiano'},{key: '2', label: 'Settimanale'},{key: '3', label: 'Mensile'},{key: '4', label: 'Annuale'} ];
{name:"periodo", height:20, map_to:"periodo", type:"select" , options:periodo }

It adds an element like:

<div class="dhx_wrap_section">
<div id="area_1638659217104" class="dhx_cal_lsection">
<label for="input_1638659217152">Periodo</label>
<div class="dhx_cal_ltext" style="height:20px;">
<select style="width:100%;" id="input_1638659217152">
<option value="1">Quotidiano</option>
<option value="2">Settimanale</option>
<option value="3">Mensile</option>
<option value="4">Annuale</option>

I want to have something like:

<select style="width:100%;" id="input_1638659217152" name="periodo">

Is it possible? For example, there is a “name” html attribute for radiobuttons, but not in case of < select>…


So finally i found the solution, just find and change:

<div class='dhx_cal_ltext' style='height:"+n+";'><select style='width:100%;'>


<div class='dhx_cal_ltext' style='height:"+n+";'><select style='width:100%;' name='""'>

inside dhtmlxscheduler.js. And it will show html “name” attribute for < select> tags