How can I assign resource canldar to assign specific date to nonwork

Can I assign resource calendar to set specific date to nonworkday those are not periodic. for example, in our Country, from May 1 to May 3 are always assigned to be nonworkday, but It’s just in May ! how can I assign them into my task? We have no more ideas on the Gantt frame ! Please give some Mature cases .Thanks a lot !

Hi @yansen,
Yes, in order to do this, you should get the custom or resource calendar using gantt.getCalendar() method and set specific dates in the calendar as non-working, using thesetWorkTime method, like in this code fragment:

gantt.getCalendar("custom").setWorkTime({date:new Date(2019,04,01), hours:false});

Here is the snippet with both of them:

thanks a lot ! I would do like this right now!