How can i create pivot grid Using dhmlx???

I want to create a report using pivot grid, How can i do that one using out dhtmlx…

Please, refer to the following sample: … pivot.html

For the same data which i was used to render dhtmlxGrid, using same data i want to render pivot grid with out selectboxes, Just i want to display the same data in pivot manner.


Unfortunately such feature is not supported in dhtmlxgrid.

I cannot find the pivot table sample anymore.
Can I still make pivot tables out of dhtmlx grids?

Unfortunately the pivot extension is deprecated in the dhtmlxgrid v4.x and is not supported anymore.
If you were using the pivot in dhtmlxGrid 3.x you may continue to use it in the 4.x the required sources were not removed yet.

So DHTMLX has no pivot table function in its suite?