How can I disable a option in combo?


Is it possible to disable only a certain option inside a combo?

[ My combo ]
[ Option 1 ]
[ Option 2 ] <<< I want this one to be disabled.
[ Option 3 ]

Thank you in advance.


what did you mean by “disabled” ? Please explain

What I mean with disabled is:

A option that is disabled should never be able to be selected. It should be grayed out and you should not be able to select it with either mouse or arrow keys (i.e. it will jump over the disabled option).

Please see attached picture for your reference:

(Image URL:

Thank you in advance.

unfortunately there is not such a functionality.

I see. Well thank you for looking in to this matter and I hope that a functionality like this will be added in the future for my sake.

I have some ideas on how to solve it, but it should rather be you who solves it since that will most probably bring out the best code for this lib.

Thank you Alexandra.

Kind regards,

Hello Nick from the future 2019. it took nine years, but nothing happend :smile: We have html5, css3 now, but DHTMLX Combo can’t disable options yet :joy:

You are able to disable the selection of the option or you can hide the option in new dhtmlxCombo 6.0