How can i disable dhtmlx tooltip and use my own custom toolt

How can i disable dhtmlx tooltip and use my own custom tooltip in grid , i am overriding your


                    //check if userdata with tooltip exists


                    var tip=this.grid.getUserData(this.cell.parentNode.idd,“tip_”+this.cell._cellIndex);

                    //document.getElementById(‘pagingArea’).innerHTML=this.cell.parentNode.idd+" is this " + this.cell._cellIndex + " tip name is " + tip;

                    if (tip){

                        return tip;


                    //if no special tooltip - return current value

                    return this.cell.innerHTML;




and after overriding i am able to see the desired output but then both the dhtmlx tooltip & my custom tooltip are visible.

So my question is how i can disable dhtmlx tooltip but in the same time my custom tooltip should be visible.

i am also using the above overridden function to extract the tooltip content from tag in the xml file.

You can block the tooltips for some specific columns , by
    grid.enableTooltips(“false,false,true,false”); .// tooltips enabled for third column only

You can disable tooltips for all grid, or for specific column cells by using onMouseOver event
       if (some_check(id,ind) return false;   // block tooltips for some cells
       return true;   allow tooltip for the cell

The logic of tooltip generation described at _drawTooltip method of dhtmlxgrid, which can be adjusted for necessary effect if above method is not enough in your case.