How can I display links on collpase child tasks

Hi everyone, i have used addtasklayer function and collapse child tasks in one row but when all task collapse than links not displaying. if task is expand than links are displaying. help me how to use addlinklayer or any other way to display links on child collapse task.

Thank you

Hello, @harish10 !
I don’t think there is a simple solution at the moment. But it should be doable in gantt 6.2 which is planned in June 2019.
In that release, we plan to add an ability to expand and collapse split tasks the same way as regular projects .
It should give you the needed functionality out of the box, without the need to use addTaskLayer

Hi @guldmi,

Does that mean that split-task feature will be available in the community edition? Because as I understand right now, this split-task feature is only available in PRO and above edition.

Hi, @Joseph!
Unfortunately, no. Split tasks will still be a PRO feature only.
I assumed that @harish10 uses a commercial version of the component since addTaskLayer is also a PRO feature.