How can I dynamically resize DHTMLX Grid 7 column's width?

Hello, I’m trying to implement DHTMLX Grid with AdminLTE template and I’m trying to display It In a way that when the left sidebar Is collapsed the grid expand but when the grid expand there Is a white space In the right of the table beucase now the grid is wider.

To be concise, I want to resize the column width dynamically, preferible of the % of the grid but If this cant be done then with a function like It was done with Suite 5.

Is there a way to resize the columns once the grid is initialized?

Please, try to place your grid to the layout cell and use the “autoWidth:true” property to the columns that you need to resized or to a whole grid:

Hello, thanks for the response, I tried the autoWidth option but It only works at the moment when the grid is inicialized.

What I want Is that the moment I dinamically make the grid wider these columns mantain his proportions based on the new grid width, because for the moment, they just keep the size they were asigned once the grid were inicialized so half of the grid ends empty.

Is there an option to make DHTMLX Grid 7 responsive?

Please, try to place your grid in the layout cell.
Something like: