How can I enable tool tips for the tab bar.


How can I enable tool tips for the tab bar.
We use many tabs to display data of heterogeneous type. Data is fetched only on click.
We want to display tool tip when user takes his mouse over the tab.
So that he will know well before what information he is going to find when clicked on that tab.

Please let me know how to do it.

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Tabbar doesn’t support built-in titles.

But you can set tilte easily - it possible to place any html elements in the tab text:


Tab Name

Thanks for your reply.

i tried what you suggested. It works well if the tool tips text is small. When a sentence of say 10words is put in the div. The Tab bar title text truncates. I tried adjusting div and what ever I could think off. But was unsuccessful.

Please suggest me a work around.

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please find the image. the pathwayxref tool tip is not give ( its correctly aligned) when tool tip is assigned other two on left the title shrinks. Please see image attached

Please check that you’ve title correct. If you’re sure that all is done correctly, provide the example of addTab method that causes the problem


Related Pathways

We have tried increasing the pixels for tab.
Howmuch ever width is set only the tab width increases with blank space towards right. However the Title text gets(not set) left justified and remains truncated as shown in the pic above.

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Try to use span instead of div. Locally the following is shown correctly:

diagramtabbar.addTab(“a12”,“Related Pathways”,“200px”);

The later solution works!

Thanks a lot.