How can I get the leaf node with dhtmlxtree?

Hi Team

I have a problem when I get all selected node in my tree. Once I use “tree.getAllChecked()” function to get my select leaf nodes, but it always return parent node for me too.

So how can I get the leaf only when I use dhtmlxtree?

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there is getAllChildless() method that returns the list of leaves. So, you can iterate through ids in this list and choose items with checked state =1. The isItemChecked method returns the state of item checkbox: … temchecked

Hi Alexandra

It works, thanks for your quick response.

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Hi Alexandra/Judo,

getAllChildless() is not working in IE 11.

However, you can use this:
ch = tree.hasChildren(itemId);

Hi, bishu219
What dhx version do you use?
There was added a lot of new features for IE11 in the last versions…

Hi Darya,

I am using dhx 3.5 version and i found the above api is not working in IE 11.


Yes, IE11 fixes was included in 3.6 (November build) and now DHX v4.0.3 is actual