How can i get the value from the xhtmltree in action

hi ,everyone
i want to get the value from the xhtmltree in my struts action .For example,in the JSP I select
some checkboxs tree node ,but i don not know get the selected value in my action.
request.getParameter(" ??? "),??? —the parameter name.


By default dhtmlxDataProcessor doesn’t send id or value of selected item to the server side.
You can get id of selected item in tree with Tree API:

var selected_id=tree.getSelectedItemId() var selected_text=tree.getSelectedItemText()

but i want the selected treeNode value in the action,
how can i get.

You can store this information at the user data. When DataProcessor sends request to the server side user data will be included into request. Please find more information here … nipulation