How can I open a link into a DIV since treegrid

How can I open a link into a DIV

For example I have a Treegrid and i have a node cell with this code:

<cell image='xls01.png'>
   <![CDATA[<img src='../includes/codebase/imgs/wand.png' onclick='"proceso.cfm?id=57","load_box")' />]]>

In this case, in the treegrid there is a node with a image, in this image have a link and I need load a new page into a Div,but in this case open into iframe.

I have a iframe “Load_box”, but i wish use a div. How can I convert this?

Can you help me?

There is no way to load page inside div at the page. This is how browser works. You can load page only into iframe

I look on Internet and I found the way, and the solve was JQuery.

Thanks Olga