How can I parse the 2nd level data in JSON?

This is my code and I want to get “code” and “item” under “list”.
How can i get it? If use #list# is only get [object Object],[object Object]

var data = [
{ “id”:1,
“list”: [
{ “code”:16, “item”:“Cola” },
{ “code”:21, “item”:“Honey” }

myDataView = new dhtmlXDataView({
container: “dataview”,
type: {
template: “html->temp”,

#id#: #name#

You can’t use “template” in this case. But you can try more complex properties #property# to reach item’s properties. I.e. you can try to replace (to replace hierarchy with linear structure)

"list": [ { "code":16, "item":"Cola" }, { "code":21, "item":"Honey" } ]

listCode1: 16, listItem1: "Cola", listCode2:21, listItem2: "Honey"