How can I send additional user information back with requests?

I am wanting to provide vacation totals for the user when the schedule is rendered and when events are added/changed/deleted. This isn’t per-event data, but rather user specific data that is tallied as events are changed.

Is it possible for me to pass along additional data along with the dataProcessor and REST URLs?

Or is there an event that fires before the scheduler is rendered/updated that I could use to make an additional REST call to my own end point?

Thanks in advance!


dataProcessor event you can find here:

If you want to send requests to the server when events are added/changed/deleted - you need do it in onEventAdded, onEventChanged and onEventDeleted handlers.

There is onSchedulerReady event.

Ok, thanks. I think that means that can’t simply add my own additional payload to the responses?

If that’s the case I can certainly implement what you suggest above. Thanks!