How can i set the "richselect" options from server?

the config:

[code] { view:“richselect”, id:‘add_1’, label: ‘a’,labelWidth:45,css:“opt_add”,inputAlign:“center”,yCount:“1”,options:[]},
{ view:“richselect”, id:‘add_2’, label: ‘b’, labelWidth:45,css:“opt_add”,inputAlign:“center”,yCount:“2”,options:[]}

function opt_add(v){
dhx.ajax().sync().post(“data/ajax.php”,“act=opt_address&parent=”+v,function(text, xml, XmlHttpRequest){
eval(text);//the text like “var opt=[{“id”:“1”,“value”:“a”}]”

the “add_2” the options is not update when i click the richselect “add_2”


you can define url property in richselect configuration (GET method is used for request):

{ view:“richselect”, url: “some.php”, …}