How can I show the dhtmlxCombo on load of dhtmlxGrid without

I am using dhtmlxGrid with dhtmlxCombo. Currently when I double click the grid cell then the dhtmlxCombo shows up and then there I can chage the values

How can I show the dhtmlxCombo on load of dhtmlxGrid without letting user to double click on the grid cell?


The latest combo excell version provides combo_v type (you can use it instead of combo). This excell allows to show arrow image initiaally for each combo cell.

Moreover you can change edit events. Grid allows to edit cells on click: … editevents



After changing column type to  combo_v excell shows the arrow image and setting proerty grid.enableEditEvents(true,true,true);,makes is editable on click.

But now, when I click on the combo, it shows only one option in the combo and does not show rest of the options. I am loading the grid via XML as below

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

  Wire Code
  Org. Name
      IN USE

  <column width=“20” format="%m/%d/%Y" type=“dhxCalendar” align=“left” sort=“str”  >Effective Date


  Manchester, NH



Thank you.  

try to use

<column width=“20” type=“combo_v” editable=“false” align=“left” sort=“str” xmlcontent=“1”>Status

instead of


Ohhh OK…so xmlcontent=“1” is the key here.

Now it works as I expetected. Thanks for your help.