How can I undock a layout cell


I already have the application made in dhtmlx :

var layout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body,"3L"); layout.cells("a").setText(translate('menu')); layout.cells("b").setText( translate('general_configuration') ); layout.cells("c").hideHeader(); layout.cells("a").setWidth(200); layout.cells("c").setHeight(250); layout.cells('c').collapse();

I want to make this layout cell undock.
I saw your example:


But, it’s a little bit complicated. in the Windows div, you add the layout. The logic it’s wrong for me. I see the layout the main thing, and the window the second thing.

How can I implement this undock/dock thing, in JS directly, because in body tag, I don;t want to add no divs?


if I correctly understood - windows’ viewport attached to div in demo. by the default it on body,
if not correctly - please clarify your question